VISUAL ART will be included throughout the concert series.

  • ART PROGRAMS: new art pieces will be commissioned for every performance, which will replace the traditional program as a limited-edition, collectible print for all audience members and sponsors. 
  • ART CURATOR: each season a local artist will serve as the art curator, and will search for innovative artists in the DC area who are passionate about collaboration and whose work merits the attention of the artistic community. This year's curator is Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
  • ARTISTIC COLLABORATORS: visual artists will frequently be called upon to add depth and elements to a performance. This may include visual backdrops, digital projection design, temporary art galleries, and live art creation. 
  • ARTIST PROMOTION: all artists who collaborate with us will have a place in the Green Stairwell family. We strive in earnest to promote new art and multi-discipline collaboration, and will use the series to find a wider audience in the DC area.


Check back soon for more info about the artists of season 1:

Revelavit (Jan 2019): Julia Demopolous (WitheringInks)
Analogy Fair (Feb 2019): Mitchell Noah
Third Practice (Mar 2019): TBD
Timber (May/Jun 2019): TBD


Interested in collaborating with us?

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