Giving voice to the decades-long struggle for a roof over every head.”

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50 Tickets per show ($65) in the Sanctuary 
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Timber (Michael Gordon)


7:30pm: Pre-concert talk - learn what to expect 
8:00pm: TIMBER
9:00pm: Post-concert discussion and art exhibit 


Maryn Goodson, narrator
Christopher Kojzar, program artist
Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack, visual artists
Kevin Bourassa, audio recording 
Folie a Two Studio, video recording 


This performance takes place in the Sanctuary, which is both handicap accessible and has hearing assistance. However, please make that note when purchasing tickets so that we can accommodate you as best as possible. Thanks! 

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Musicians, Artists, Designers, and other creatives need to be paid, but the Art they create should also be accessible to all. 
If this concert is your jam, but you can't afford the tickets, please simply pay what you can. 
If you have any questions, please contact: TheGreenStairwell@gmail.com 

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This concert was made possible by donations from

Stephen & Susan Langley
Mary & Keller Staley
Adam Rosenblatt*

Jeff Stern
Adam Ginsburg
David & Betsy Bennett
Kramer Milan
Michael Compitello
Leon & Maryn Gooson

A Grant from the
Maryland State Arts Council


Hiro & Lesley Amano
Robert & Liz Benton

Rashad Ullah*

Jason McFarland
Stephen Gorbos
Andrew Weaver
Terry Sweeney
Bob & Caryn Musil
Dick & Tina Staufenberger 

*These sponsors raised funds by creating their own personal campaigns
and requesting funds from others.
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Featured artist christopher Kojzar

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